Tuition Schedule


~Step Up For Students Scholarships accepted~

$9,000.00  per year

Payment options:

a) Payment in full made on or before June 30: Take 5% Discount off tuition.

b) Payment in full, after June 30:  Above amount, due on or before August 1st.

c) Per Semester Payments: Above amount plus Bookkeeping fee of $50.00

$4,000.00 due on or before August 1.

Remainder due on or before December 15.

d) Per Quarter Payments: Above amount plus Bookkeeping fee of $25. 

25% due at the beginning of each academic quarter.

e) Monthly Payments: Plus Bookkeeping fee of $10 per month

10 Equal Payments, due the first of every month from August through May.

•$500.00 Non-refundable deposit to guarantee placement.

•25% discount will be given for children in the same immediate family.

•Tuition does not include books.  Other fees may include but are not limited to: photography fees, yearbook, materials charges, field trips, tutoring and after school care.  Fees are the responsibility of the parent or guardian, and will be due within 30 days of billing.

•A $50.00 late fee will be charged on accounts 15 days after due.

•Transcripts and report cards will not be released until balances are paid in full.

•A minimum charge of $25.00 will be levied on all checks that cannot be collected.

•Step Up For Students Scholarships accepted  (formally McKay and Gardiner)

Recommending our school to other students is always appreciated!  5% of the tuition received in the first year from those you recommend will be credited to your account.  Please tell them to mention it on their application.